Student Exhibit – SET UP, Days 3 and 4

For Sandy, Carrie and the student designers, the last two days were busy with last minute runs to the hardware store, and completing the final touches.

Joe had some paint notes to complete with the puddle, and then it was installed on the third day. Also, the rather large header that is above the lockers was installed on the third day as well. During build in Indiana, I remember the header piece was very heavy and a bit difficult to install. However, with a few taller people on the student design team helping with instal in the Kafka House, the header went up with just two set of hands. With how close the header is to the ceiling, I am sure it was a bit nerve wracking to install the large scenic piece.

After the technical elements were installed, including the sound and the final touches to the projections, they were in a great place to open the exhibit to the public.

Congratulations to a fantastic team. The hours spent with the design, build and set up, finally has paid off and the exhibit is open to the public.

Enjoy looking in the lockers, exploring with the flashlights, and seeing the student design submissions from all over the country!


USA Student Exhibit – Kafka House


Katie Gruenhagen

Katie Gruenhagen is a lighting designer and photographer living in Denver, Colorado. She recently received her M.F.A. in Lighting Design from Indiana University. Katie is the photographer and blogger covering the USITT Student Build Team for the U.S.A. National and Student Exhibits at the Prague Quadrennial 2015. As a part of the Indiana University Student Build Team, she has also served as a carpenter and electrician for the National Exhibit. At Indiana University, she was the lighting designer for nine main stage productions including Romeo and Juliet (award winning design at the 2014 Southeastern Theater Conference) and Into The Woods. To see her work and contact information, see