HAMLETMACHINE – Lighting Design by Nannan Gu

Designers Statement

I think theatrical design is the best art form for me to express my ideas and thoughts and to communicate with others.

It is old, philosophical, charming, international, and full of possibilities.

What was the moment/project that convinced you that theatre and design was your desired career path?

The many moments when I was introduced to the work of the great designers, such as Josef Svoboda.

Aside from the project that has been selected, what has been your favorite design and why? What’s your dream play/project to design?

Aside from the project that has been selected, my favorite design is my first set model for La Boheme, because it was my first model building experience and it was a lot of fun. I

I don’t think that I have a specific dream play that I want to design but it will be super cool and exciting if I could be involved in designing the opening ceremony for the Olympic games.

Supporting Documents:

Hamletmachine-light-plot HM2