For the 2015 Prague Quadrennial, the American Student Exhibit will be guided by the theme Transcend : The Designer as Creator.

The Exhibit will focus on creating an environment that encourages discovery, breaking through politics, and exposing process and the personality of the artist.  Using the iconic and fundamentally American image of  the school locker we  will expose the personal, private, and intimate moments of the artists process. This will immerse the viewer in the work and allow them to discover  the process of the production while tapping into the viewer’s natural human senses.

The Exhibit will create an alternative world that is in the spirit of the work being displayed. It takes innovation to transcend the red tape and this structure. Like lockers in schools, our exhibit should be a center for discussion and thought provoking ideas. The Student exhibit and the PQ is about celebrating the designer and their process. We want to showcase the American student design aesthetic and its diversity.

Student Work We Are Looking For

We seek works in which the designer transcends traditional job boundaries and can legitimately be labeled a dramaturg, a director and/or a co-creator – emotionally potent works that showcase the student designer as a cutting-edge generative artist, and engaged storyteller.

We seek work that is unique, unexpected, and exciting – Student creations that transcend the representational and the expected to redefine the connection between image and story.

We seek vital and engaged visual storytelling that transcends the typical relationship between the stage and the audience .

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Exhibited Projects