The Invisible Man – M.L. Geiger

This, the premiere theatrical production of Ralph Ellison’s THE INVISIBLE MAN, is the first time that the Ellison estate has allowed any performance adaptation of the novel. It was a co-production between the Studio Theatre in Washington DC the fall of 2012 and the Huntington Theatre in Boston, MA in January 2013. Photographs are from the Huntington version.

There is arguably no question more relevant or complicated than that of race in America. We say we are post-racial, but I don’t see how that can be true from what I see and read every day. We have made great strides in racial and gender quality, but there is still housing discrimination, there is still voter discrimination – the list goes on. While Ellison’s book presents the point of view of an anonymous black man from the South in New York City in 1952, there are many themes in the book that still resonate today. It is certainly still stormy weather in spite of our first black President.

We were nominated for Helen Hayes awards for Director, Ensemble, Lighting, Scenery, Costumes, and Sound. We won Direction, Ensemble and Lighting. And, there were honors in Boston as well.


Christopher McElroen – Director
Oren Jacoby – adaptation
Troy Hourie – Scenery
Kathleen Geldard – Costumes
Alex Koch – Projections
David Remedios – Sound
Charles Erickson – show photographer