A Christmas Carol – Joe Payne

Set in traditional Dickensian style, this production pushes the limits of magic and emotion through technology, in a very organic, immersive, and actor driven way.   The minimalist scenic structure and iconic costumes create an environment in which sound, projections, and lighting can magically transform, heighten, and integrate location, mood, and character, allowing the performers words and movement to take the audience on a ghost filled adventure. Music is performed live by actors, and is enhanced by a sonic environment that creates a living and ever changing world. The story begins with a monumental window showing a bleak London through the eyes of Ebenezer Scrooge, which is torn away and brightened by those from his past.   As the story unfolds, tormented spirits glide through the theatre, and exploding flocks of birds fly throughout the space, which coalesces into the ghost of Christmas yet to come. Character and audience are transformed and immersed in a world of ethereal wonder, pushing Scrooge toward redemption and love.

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens

Clarence Brown Theatre 2012 and 2013

Director: Casey Sams
Set Design: Christopher Pickart
Costume Design: Bill Black
Lighting Design: Catherine Girardi
Sound Design: Joe Payne
Projection Design: Joe Payne