The Tempest – Joe Payne



Inspired by Fever Ray’s self titled album, I used steel drums, marimbas, and tribal percussion throughout this score to set the stage for a haunting Caribbean magical adventure. I wanted the audience to hum the songs while leaving the theatre, to push the boundaries of “modern” music and melodies, and to make Ariel and the Goddesses sound haunting, beautiful, and sexy.  Moreover, I wanted to make this world rich with magic and ambient texture. Every enchanted moment of Ariel and Prospero were enhanced by sounds both musical and ethereal. Monsters followed Caliban and the drunks, while breaths of wind accompanied Ariel, whose voice echoed throughout the space.



The Tempest

by William Shakespeare

The Utah Shakespeare Festival 2013

Director BJ Jones

Scenic Designer Robert Mark Morgan
Costume Designer David Mickelson
Lighting Designer Donna Ruzika
Sound Designer/Composer Joe Payne