Ecstasy – Costume Design by Natalya Kolosowsky

ECSTASY | A WATER FABLE by Denmo Ibrahim

In Ecstasy, stories are written in water, spells are cast through washing, and to drink either creates your life or rips it from you. Inspired by an ancient Sufi fable, this new commissioned play is the story of Water told by the last person on earth who remembers it.

From the Playwright:

This story is a search into origin – into the original. We can see remnants of it in how we walk, or the way we dress, even in the types of lovers we are drawn to. We can even see it in the face our parents. When you look openly into their face, can you see the flickering image of your great grandparents? In the brilliance of my mothers’ eyes I have seen the aspirations, haunts, and secrets of my ancestors. We always have access to the original face, the fundamental story, the heart of what connects us all.

Where do you come from? What do you remember? Is that your story or theirs? How can you ever really tell? We have been preceded by a great lineage of teachers who love us. They have not forgotten us even if we have forgotten them.