The Artistic Director and Curators for the USITT-USA National Exhibition have chosen Weather for the theme of the 2015 exhibit.

Weather is an apt choice as a metaphor for performance. It doesn’t discriminate, and crosses all economic, ethnic, and social lines. Weather has the power to affect and/or alter lives, both for the good and otherwise. It has the ability to connect distant lands and varied regions. Weather also connects to the other PQ themes of Music and Politics. Weather screams and whispers. It is rhythmic, percussive and melodic.  Politics inherent in weather can be found from the debate on global warming to the response time and funding of FEMA. The beauty and power of weather is the atmosphere of a designer’s dreams.

The USITT-USA design and curatorial team has created an interactive experience that reflects the dynamics and diversity of American performance and celebrates performance design as art. The USITT-USA National Exhibit offers an environment that goes beyond documenting the art of design and becomes a transformative performance experience.

The exhibit transports viewers from the climate of everyday real life into a world of surprising and unexpected possibility where extremes rule. In this world, the forecast of future events depends on the currents surging through the viewers’ mind, engaging all the senses to affect his/her interaction with the surroundings.

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