USA National and Student Exhibit – BUILD, pt. 2, lockers and lots of color.

Sandy took Katie and Aaron on the hour long drive to pick up the lockers for the student exhibit. The lockers came from a warehouse outside of Indianapolis, and it was a bit funny to see the lockers all lined up. Took me back to grade school.

The lockers made it back to Bloomington in the IU Scenic Studio’s box truck and were placed in the scenic studio. Quite heavy and tedious to take apart, the lockers eventually were placed in their formation. Some of us even learned that we still fit in the lockers.

Then came the color. The floor platforms were built wood planks needed to be painted and cut to the correct sizes. Kristen mixed together various shades of vibrant purple and after a few tests, the shades were confirmed by the student team and the planks were painted.

If you thought the purple was bold, check out the lockers after their paint treatment. Kristen painted the lockers with an intense shade of glossy red.

The student exhibit was coming together fast, we were happy with the progress after just a couple weeks.


Katie Gruenhagen

Katie Gruenhagen is a lighting designer and photographer living in Denver, Colorado. She recently received her M.F.A. in Lighting Design from Indiana University. Katie is the photographer and blogger covering the USITT Student Build Team for the U.S.A. National and Student Exhibits at the Prague Quadrennial 2015. As a part of the Indiana University Student Build Team, she has also served as a carpenter and electrician for the National Exhibit. At Indiana University, she was the lighting designer for nine main stage productions including Romeo and Juliet (award winning design at the 2014 Southeastern Theater Conference) and Into The Woods. To see her work and contact information, see