Betrayal – Fereshteh Rostampour

Betrayal was nominated for Best Interactive & New Media Design at the World Stage Design 2013

Betrayal is an original dance work written in collaboration with Karola Lüttringhaus, Co-Artistic Director of ‘A Fortiori’ and Artistic Director of Alban Elved Dance Company.

The work is inspired by a true story of a mother that separation from her daughter devastated her world. “Betrayal” dramatizes the relationship between the mother and her daughter and explores the mother’s intense emotional struggle when her daughter abandons her.

We were mainly focusing on the creation of this very specific interaction. The story existed independently of space, or better, it existed in a non-descriptive space, a space that was a depiction of eternity and emotional idling. A black space, a cocoon, and a blazing colorless sun in the background enveloped the mother’s thoughts & memories of the daughter which were the only central physical manifestations to hold on to. Once the daughter was gone, the mother was left with nothing but an empty cocoon and a black space. The piece was dominated by ‘what is not there’ rather than by what was there.


lighting, projection design & animations – Fereshteh Rostampour

Choreography, sound & costume design – Karola Lüttringhaus

Auburn University

Telfair Peet Theatre