5 PQuestions – Kevin Rigdon

rigdon-2011-1We’re interviewing the leaders of the US exhibition team in Prague to see how things have been going for them, and what their highlights have been. They’ve been working so hard on getting the exhibition curated, designed, built, and installed, they have a unique perspective on the PQ that we’ll be sharing while the Quadrennial draws to a close. We’ve asked each member of the team Five questions to get their exclusive thoughts. 

This interview is with Kevin Rigdon, Curator for the US exhibition at the 2015 PQ.

How do you think people have been reacting to the US exhibition?

From what I have observed, guests are spending time taking in each production, engaging with the iPads and listening to the sound files. I have enjoyed watching many people add their wire creations to the exhibit. It has proven to be the interactive experience that we hoped for.

There was a lot of detail work to complete the US exhibition before the opening, are there any special details you would want someone to look for in the Vortex? Why does this/ do these stick out to you?

I enjoy the way the exhibit changes based on your changing perspective as you move around the exhibit, and the way the natural light through the windows affects the exhibit.

What surprised you about this PQ? About the exhibition(s), general atmosphere, changes from previous, or anything in general

The national exhibits are generally more contained ( rooms in Clam Gallas, Topic, Colloredo). Personally, I think the design work exhibited in the student section is more interesting than the design work in the national exhibits.

What are you taking away from this PQ (thoughts and/or things)?

It is about people, the look of wonder in their eyes 

What other country’s exhibition do you feel shouldn’t be missed? Why?

Brazil for its creativity, and Estonia for its boldness.