Mary Stuart – Joe Payne

A fictional tale of historical events, portraying politics, power, and deceit, through the eyes of two of the most powerful women in British history, Elizabeth I and her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots. This emotional spellbinder is full of intrigue, betrayal, and the feel of a modern-day political thriller. It was important to make sure that the female voice of this script was the predominant force of this production, and to connect to our audiences’ modern sensibility within this historical piece. To that end, I created a score with Latin lyrics in a combination of historical and modern vocalizations and textures. The words came from a medieval poem and are as follows:


HERSELF hath given back my life to me,
Herself hath yielded far
More than had ever hoped my misery.
And when she recklessly
Gave herself wholly unto Love and me,
Beauty in heaven afar
Laughed from her joyous star.
And so am come, another god, to heaven
Among the rest.

Mary Stuart

by Friedrich Schiller. A New Version by Peter Oswald

The Utah Shakespeare Festival 2012

Director Kate Buckley

Scenic Designer Robert Mark Morgan

Costume Designer Bill Black

Lighting Designer Donna Ruzika

Sound Designer/Composer Joe Payne