Troublemaker – Kris Stone

This production defies gravity, time, and reality as we enter the perfect storm of Bradley Boatwright’s over active imaginary life as a young boy. He believes himself and his friends to be a gang of superheroes fighting bullies and bad principals and parents. There is constant running, walking, and playing with time in a cinematic way and the set had to deliver the vehicle for this kind of adventure-­‐like movement. The audience was constantly surprised with new locations and ways of climbing into 3 story windows that allowed for the actors to be true magic. A final gesture of a dreamlike flood washes away all of Bradley’s inner demons and fantasy adversaries in a typhoon he manifest in his mind. This allows him to return home to his mother with a greater understanding of coping with the loss of his father.


Produced by Berkeley Rep Theater, World Premier January 2013

Written by: Dan LeFranc

Directed by: Lila Neugebauer

Set Design: Kris Stone

Costume Design: Paloma Young

Light Design: Alexander V. Nicols

Sound Design: Jake Rodriguez