Sleeping Rough – Kris Stone

In this world premiere production a son has died in the war in Afghanistan and his family is trying to cope and grieve in their own isolated ways. His sister is left behind with parents who are unable to communicate and are trapped in a tornado of blame, fear, and doubt. The mother begins trying to affect political points of view by graffitiing the city streets of London with her son’s image. She begins living rough in order to go underground into her political activism-­‐ executed and expressed by her street art. The design actually contained light in a magnificent way. The ceiling was a special material that allowed light to bend and pass through it, creating a landscape of the weather of the mind. No actual theatrical lights were used, as I designed fluorescents into the sides of the venue in order to sterilize the world and expose the inner conflicts in each character.

Sleeping Rough

Produced by Page 73 at the Wild Project in NYC, World Premiere April 2013

Written by: Kara Manning

Directed by: Sam Buntrock

Set Design: Kris Stone

Costume Design: Kaye Voyce

Light Design: Brian Tovar

Sound Design: Jill BC Du Boff and Sam Kusnetz