PARTY IN THE USA! – Patrick Rizzotti

Pulsating live-music, a kinetic scenic design, and hallucinatory video-projections set the stage for this wild, high-octane comedy about saving the world from financial ruin. Based in part on director Joshua William Gelbs’s experiences temping at Deutsche Bank in 2008, writer David McGee has created a madcap joyride about a world on the brink of economic collapse.

Working together, the design team transformed the venue into a visually stunning environment to support a highly physical style of storytelling. The unique challenges of creating this audience experience on the top floor of a church allowed us embrace the architecture to make bold choices that supported the fast pace and shifting locations throughout our journey.

The original production of Party In The USA ran at the Incubator Arts Project in downtown Manhattan during July 2013. Despite a brutal heat wave the entire run was sold out and and a remount is currently in rehearsal for a one month run in Edinburgh, Scotland (summer 2014)

Incubator Arts Project / New York City / Summer 2014

Underbelly / Edinburgh Fringe Festival / Scotland / Summer 2015