McReele – Kris Stone

McReele is a political stormy play about perceptions. We follow the lead character McReele out of the penal system into a whirlwind of media attention that affects his life dramatically. The set was asked to allow him to never leave the stage and contain him in an island cube that was his cell, his home, his office, a reporter’s television studio, and so forth. The upper piece pivoted and moved to give a claustrophobic feeling of imprisonment that heated the tensions between the characters, while the floor effortlessly sent up automated units to create the necessary furniture and delineated space.


Produced by Julliard, NYC October 2012

Written By: Stephen Belber

Directed by: Sam Buntrock
Set Design: Kris Stone
Costume Design: Olivera Gajic
Light Design: Peter West
Sound Design: Jill BC Du Boff