King Arthur’s Camelot – Joe Tilford

This new, full-length ballet chronicles the legend of King Arthur. This is not a romanticized version. Rather, it is a gritty and violent tale of medieval life, love, betrayal, battle and death. We see the fog of battle and destruction, the beauty of youth in a dappled forest, and abstract visual symbolism of water and wind for the Ladies of the Lake. Lancelot steals the love of Arthur’s queen in an act of betrayal in a cold, autumnal forest. And the final battle, as the setting sun bursts into flame in a destructive fire, brings death to Camelot. Redemption comes as the discarded Excalibur explodes into a supernova and symbolizes the end of violence.

King Arthur’s Camelot

(World Premiere, full-length ballet)

Set design by: Joe Tilford

Produced by: The Cincinnati Ballet Company

Choreography: Victoria Morgan

Libretto: Eda Holmes

Composer: John Estacio

Costume Design:

Lighting Design: Trad Burns

Projections: John Boesche