Hundred Days – Kris Stone

This rock musical/opera is about love, loss, and life locked down into a loft space where the Bengsons perform and narrate their final hundred days together before losing the husband to disease. Salt pours from the sky that represents time running out and the salt flats they once visited together at night. The piece deals with weather in many ways as mail is delivered by the wind, maps are written in the dust on windows, rain falls to represent tears, loss, and second chances, and time is preserved in mason jars filled with photos and light like small ecosystems of the mind.

Hundred Days

Produced by Z-­‐Space, World Premier in San Francisco February 2014

Music & Lyrics by: Abigail & Shaun Bengson

Book by: Kate E. Ryan

Directed by: Anne Kauffman

Set Design: Kris Stone

Costume Design: Christina Crook

Light Design: Allen Willner

Sound Design: Drew Yerys