Blood and Gifts – Kris Stone

Weather plays a massive role in this West Coast Premier and its design as the play travels between the cold DC government interiors to the hot dry landscapes of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Weather, in my mind, is far more articulated in the political choices being made that affect the emotional climate and by a storm of consequences created by the leaders of the war. We weave from dry strips of dust filled sky, to dark cool interiors of DC at night, to an opening of large sky for the final trek into Afghanistan. The original composed score heightens the psychological space and leaves us in eerie but beautiful atmospheres.

Blood and Gifts

Produced by La Jolla Playhouse, West Coast premier June 2012.

Written by: J.T. Rogers

Directed by: Lucie Tiberghien

Set and Projection Design by: Kris Stone

Costume Design: Charlotte Devaux Shields

Lighting Design: Matt Richards

Sound Design and Composer: Shahrokh Yadegari