MIST Lab – Dyan Burlingame, Lynne Koscielniak, Ian Shelanskey

MIST Lab is both an immersive theatrical installation as well as a testing ground for ephemeral presentation on a large scale, and proves digital fine art of epic proportion can be accomplished through self-sustaining systems that leave the terrain unaltered. Central to the site specific installation is a sculptural element that speaks to the relationship between industry and nature, power and poetry. A cloud of mist, generated via an integrated water-misting system creates a screen, a projection surface, and a canvas for light. The quality of the generated mist is dependent on the location of the installation. Mist and light move and shift with the changing wind. Temperature of the surround affects the quantity of mist created, altering the experience of each viewer as time passes and the atmosphere changes.

A self-sustaining wireless lighting system, powered by individual solar-charging stations, and featuring an ad-hoc wi-fi network of Arduinos, custom circuitry, and innovative LED technology is remotely controlled via Ipad. A image et lumière spectacle is viewed by the audience. The MIST Lab demonstrates sustainable practice in lighting art as well as tests the effectiveness of LED fixtures on mist while exploring the power of ephemeral mediums to speak to historical narratives.

MIST Lab performed “Buffalo’s Night” in 2013. This light show conjured an image of a mythological Siren, one who once beckoned lake and canal freighters to Silo City’s monolithic structures, nearly defeated, she rose again to inspire innovation in art and technology on this site of great invention in this Queen City. Changing light takes us on a journey through the Siren’s emotions since the 1820’s until today. By scanning QR codes on the installation, the spectator will be taken to the secrets of the installation’s technology, historical narrative, and the imagery that inspired the lighting design.